Food Hygiene & Safety   


Food hygiene and safety are core components throughout the French Gourmet plant. French Gourmet is certified by NSF, the National Sanitation Foundation, an independent non-profit organization. 

HACCP     Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points           CCP     Chemical Control Program
GMP     Good Manufacturing Process           SCP     Supplier Control Program
TRP     Traceability and Recall Program           CCP     Customer Complaint Program
ACP     Allergen Control Program           IPM     Integrated Pest Management



Supplier Policy: French Gourmet aims to provide its customers with products and services which meet or exceed their requirements. French Gourmet can only achieve this by using reliable and trustworthy suppliers with a firm commitment to quality. French Gourmet will only select suppliers who fully accept responsibility for the quality of the products and services they supply and can demonstrate this through the “Approved Supplier Questionnaire”.   Acceptance of a French Gourmet contract or Purchase Order implies acceptance of the requirements of this document. French Gourmet maintains a list of approved suppliers who meet, and continue to meet, the requirements stipulated in this document. Unsatisfactory supplier performance may result in removal from the approved supplier list. French Gourmet shall systematically review all suppliers for their continued ability to meet the requirements of this document.  It is the responsibility of management to ensure that the policy is upheld.

*The emblems displayed above serves to only symbolize that French Gourmet Inc. is registered with the FDA agency, licensed in the State of Nevada, permitted by the State health department, verified by the US Homeland Security, department of Transportation. The US Government, the FDA and the State of Nevada is not endorsing, recommending, favoring this company, its brand name, products, activities, services, or personnel in any way.