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      French Gourmet was founded in 1984 with a vision for excellence. Persistence and commitment to respecting the ancient art of dough making, while merging today's industrial state of the art manufacturing technology resulted in the creation of a brand that is renowned for its superior quality; notably in taste, flavor, aroma and consistency. Today, professionals in the field recognize French Gourmet's artisan dough as the market leader. As such, it has become the benchmark used in comparing competitive brands.


..... Artisan Products

We merge modern technology with traditional methods of dough making to manufacture high quality and unique products. Our production lines are flexible allowing us to manufacture products that are on trend with market demands. 

..... Variety

We offer a variety of Pre-Proofed, Proof and Bake, and Create Your Own products. Our product offerings include unique Croissants and Danish Pastries, Strudels, Muffin Batters, Breads, Puff Pastry Sheets, Danish Dough sheets & slabs, and a mix of unique blank Danish dough shells and squares.

..... Accessibility

No matter the size of your business you have easy access to our full line of products. We contract with distribution houses and brokers around the globe. We specialize in US Domestic and international shipping.

..... Quality

Using only the best flours and French butter French Gorumet frozen dough is renowned for its superior quality. Our fillings are made in-house with all natural ingredients sourced from their natural growth regions. Our products are high quality and unique. Your are sure to be be satisfied. Every time.

..... Service

You expect the best in our products. You can expect better in our service. Our customers are our most important assets in our business. We provide personal, professional and solution based service to every customer in every interaction.

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