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Casual & Fast Dining

Whether you are looking for a new breakfast menu with a unique twist, a brunch to die for, or a dinner menu with finesse to suit the finest pallet, French Gourmet offers products that suit all occasions and meet today's fast-paced, casual diners' expectations. Our Croissants are made with 100% real butter and are fully proofed, bringing both consistency and convenience to preparation in the kitchen. Ready to bake, they can be fashioned to create a fabulous array of serve-all-day menu items, giving the diner quality and menu variety. Additionally, our high quality fruit and savory-filled Danishes, along with our new FritBitz items, add that little extra temptation to your customer's experience. 

Retail & In-Store Bakery

Evolving consumers are becoming increasingly cognitive of food quality, variety and costs. The Bakery sector is following suit, catering to a wider audience demanding both local and international products. In-store bakers are now serving breakfast and lunch items and expanding bakery offerings. Freshly baked and pre-packaged specialties are now complimenting Cafe style environments. To remain competitive retail and in-store bakeries need to offer a wide variety of bakery items. French Gourmet is your solution, offering a wide selection of clean label, artisan products that will wholly compliment the needs of the modern bakery and consumer.


Food Service

French Gourmet was the pioneer in delivering 5 star quality pastries to hotels and restaurants around the globe. With patented, artisan manufacturing processes and commitment to upholding the highest standard in quality, the French Gourmet and Smartgourmet brands are second to none when it comes to meeting the expectations of world class Chefs and catering executives around the globe. Our unique buffet-style sweet and savory Danish pastries are suited to compliment any Cafe, restaurant or coffee shop menu. Our Create Your Own line of Danish dough sheets, slabs and squares are suited to supply event and banquet style catering. 


Convenience stores across North America are experiencing a dramatic shift in demand for a wider selection of better quality food items than traditionally offered. Convenience stores are expanding their product offerings to provide consumers more options from a multitude of food categories, including fresh baked goods and food items for every meal of the day. French Gourmet's products are pre-proofed and ready to bake, offering fast and convenient preparation for the c-store staff and third party commissaries that prepare the grab and go meal items. 


Travel & Leisure

The traveling consumer has evolved to acquire a taste for quality food products on the go. French Gourmet products are the solution to the demand for high quality specialty food items in the travel sector. Our range of products offers variety to the traveler, and artisan quality products to any cruise or airline menu. 

Research & Development

The food industry is always evolving to maintain pace with consumers demands. Innovation is the driving force to stay ahead in the game. With our newly expanded facilities and world class development team we pride ourselves on creating innovative products that are on trend and in tune with consumers demands. It is where we blend old with new, and ancient with modern, to create products that have true marketable value. Whether you are a Food Service company looking for a unique item, or an In-Store bakery looking for the latest trend, French Gourmet will bring to your business the products you need. 

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