Authenticity is the best word to describe French Gourmet's croissants. They are pure, light, flaky, buttery, flavourful - everything a croissant should be. How do we do this?

We make them in small continuous batches, allowing us to retain all the principles of the ancient art of dough making. And because of our unique fermentation process, their natural flavour and aroma are fully cultivated.

Our hand curving boosts their artisan appearance. Made with an exceptional butter, bearing the appellation "crème de la crème"™, French Gourmet Artisan croissant has become the industry benchmark.

 Bake them as needed directly from freezer to oven. Our pre-proofed concept offer you the ultimate convenience, consistency and peak freshness every time.  You are guaranteed authenticity and quality without having to depend on skilled labor.

As Executive Chef Eric Leterc from the Pacific Club in Honolulu says "I've been using the French Gourmet brand at different properties since about 1990. Their products are of excellent quality and very convenient. I come from France, so I like French Gourmet's croissants because they are flakier and lighter just like French ones. The ingredients they use are pure and that makes a big difference to me in taste and aroma. As long as my food cost is in line, I don't have any problem paying the price for good quality."

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